Living at ourHOME

Adults with cognitive disabilities experience dignity and belonging when they have independence consistent with their individual capabilities.

ourHOME enables appropriate levels of independence by providing housing for adults with cognitive disabilities. Residents live in Homewood, AL, a walkable community with numerous service providers and employers who hire individuals with special needs. ourHOME provides a personalized living space where residents can engage with employers and service providers to achieve the independence that previously seemed impossible. Caregivers maintain their status as the resident’s primary relationship and gain access to a team that reduces the burden of care. 

Not everyone with cognitive disabilities can live independently, but ourHOME’s model increases the percentage that can. Each resident has a House Steward and a personalized living environment from which they can access appropriate 3rd-party services, resources, and employment opportunities based on their needs.

Housing For Adults with Cognitive Disabilities

Alabamians value independence. Some people are ready for independence when they graduate high school, while others take a few years to develop the required skills. 

And then there are the adults who’ve been told they will never live independently. Slight differences in cognitive abilities make the difference between individuals who will achieve independence and those who won’t. The impact on individuals and families is profound. Individuals who can’t live independently lose access to the dignity gained through pursuing dreams, community connections, and work. Their families forego opportunities to work and their social lives because of the demands of full-time care.   

Alabama Lacks Housing Options

Housing for adults with cognitive disabilities is extremely limited in Alabama. The waitlist for some facilities is decades long, and the monthly rent for available options is several times higher than the median full-time salary. Many families have no choice but to care for their loved ones in their homes, but this kind of caregiving makes succession planning very difficult. Parents of adults with cognitive disabilities live in fear of what will happen to their adult children after they are gone. 

Appropriate Independence Enables Dignity and Belonging

There is dignity in taking the risks inherent in independence. Adults with cognitive disabilities experience belonging and the dignity of realizing their full potential when they live independently in a community setting personalized to their needs. Residents discover capabilities and develop new skills, which changes how they see themselves and improves their self-esteem. 

Residents are empowered to engage with their community, commute, and work in ways that were not accessible to them before. Adults with cognitive disabilities find fulfillment as contributing members of our communities.

Independence with Support

ourHOME provides housing options for adults with cognitive disabilities so they can experience independence, belonging, and the dignity of maximizing their potential. While not all adults are capable of living independently, ourHOME expands the percentage who can through technology, community, and by providing a house steward. A House Steward engages with residents to facilitate communication and a meaningful relationship. They provide a level of safety and support while acting as a trusted collaborator with caregivers. 

Many residents at ourHOME engage with third-party service providers like these to develop a support team that enables independence.