Your generosity enables ourHOME to offer housing for adults with cognitive disabilities so they can experience independence, belonging, and the dignity of realizing their full potential. By helping us cover the cost of acquiring homes, customizing them, and installing technology to enable independence, you make ourHOME available at a price that makes sense for many Alabamians. 

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PO Box 590089

Homewood, AL 35259

Your Support Makes A Difference

Housing for adults with cognitive disabilities is extremely limited in Alabama. According to, approximately 1,000 Alabamians with cognitive disabilities are on waitlists for home and community-based services. Some housing providers have a waitlist of more than a decade, and rent for available options is several times higher than Alabama’s median family income. This situation is expected to worsen, with a projected 50% increase in demand for affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities in Alabama over the next 20 years.

Acquiring multi-tenant homes and preparing them to house individuals with cognitive disabilities requires a significant investment. All residents pay a reasonable monthly rent, and we raise funds to offset the cost of acquisition and personalization and to fund partial needs-based scholarships. This rent and donor-supported model minimizes debt-related expenses, ensuring organizational stability and financial accessibility for the Alabamians who need it most. As our capacity increases, our cost-per-resident decreases, creating a fly-wheel effect where rental income helps fund the acquisition and personalization of additional housing.