90% of adults with cognitive disabilities live at home with their parents. Many of these caregivers struggle to maintain the quality of care they provide as they age. Almost all of them worry about what will happen to their loved one when they are gone. 

ourHOME provides housing options for adults with cognitive disabilities so they can experience independence, belonging, and the dignity of maximizing their potential.

Your loved one’s independence doesn’t diminish your role in their life. As the caregiver, you are their primary relationship, but you’ll gain the support of a team to make caregiving manageable, stable, and sustainable. At ourHOME, you will find:

  • A home customized to support independence for adults with special needs
  • A House Steward supporting residents as they encounter day-to-day challenges and opportunities
  • A community of caregivers, residents, and safe neighbors who understand adults with cognitive disabilities, their families, and the challenges they face
  • Service providers supporting adults with cognitive disabilities 

Independence with Support

Have you ever dared to hope that your loved one could live independently? Many caregivers believe independence is impossible, but this often has less to do with your loved one’s capabilities than the lack of appropriate options for independence with support. 

ourHOME provides personalized housing that enables adults with cognitive disabilities to achieve independence with support so they can experience belonging and the dignity of maximizing their potential. 

Sustainable Caregiving

Families with adults with cognitive disabilities make tremendous sacrifices. Work and social lives may suffer, but they lay it all on the line to provide the best care for their loved ones. But, no matter how good their intentions are, this form of caregiving is inherently risky. Many caregivers worry about the future and are uncertain about who can fill their role when they are gone. 


ourHOME offers a sustainable caregiving model that keeps you at the center of your loved one’s care while enabling you to engage in life fully. Our model allows succession planning by facilitating a form of caregiving that won’t overwhelm siblings, family, or friends if someone else needs to assume the role when you are gone. 


Caregiving shouldn’t require the care that only a parent can provide. Too many parents have struggled, desperately hoping to outlive their adult child with cognitive disabilities. ourHOME offers sustainable caregiving to improve the quality of life for everyone in your family and enable succession planning.